GSK | Glaxo SmithKline - Bureau of Events and Stands Assembly
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GSK | Glaxo SmithKline

About This Project

For five consecutive years we were the official events agency Pharma GSK Area. We were responsible for the organization and management of the annual participation of the company in more than 300 national and international technical-scientific events, 60 road shows and annual medical contacts with more than 5,000 professionals / experts.
We had as great challenge, make a coordinated management, have all automated processes and structured by the Company’s compliance, engaged team and honoring business partnership between GSK and Bureau Events.
Focused and committed to excellence in sourcing on the one hand, Bureau Events sought agreements with registered event suppliers in the world system of GSK suppliers, negotiated discounts and sought quality getting better costs. On the other hand, GSK through its consultants worked at Bureau Events and contributed to reducing domestic spending. At the end of the work, our results were audited, receiving top marks for performance and certificate of excellence in sourcing. Bureau Events obtained savings of about 15% on telephone expenses and significant GSK economy in the annual budget of your events, a fact that allowed the company to participate of new unexpected events in the initial planning and expansion of its operations in calendar events.